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Make your own home decor

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From sold out compost to B&Q online queues, sell outs in H&M home and all the plant mum vibes, it seems we are all looking to make our homes more inspiring and lovely for our work/fun/lives in lockdown. If you are looking at your walls and looking for some craft home décor inspiration – you’ve come to the right place!

Here are some ideas of easy creations I made to spruce up our newly moved into flat, that you can do for home! No complicated tools just things you have at home, can buy locally or we can send you. I’ve added links to our how-tos on our instagram posts so you can find out more info on how we made them.

Move over IKEA DIY, time for some creative home decor!

Lino Print Gallery Wall

Our favourite (as you probably know)! We fell in love with lino ever since we started it; particularly at the art work you can make even if you are a nervous drawer like me.

We made this Lino print gallery wall when we first moved in from left over prints created in the studio (the beauty with lino is that you can make so many). I especially love the one of the oranges made by our old host (now musician) Martha Paton as it reminds me of the trees in Seville. If you’d like to make your own lino print, we are about to launch a fantastic kit with all the tools (and even a how to video) you need to make your own print! The other two pictures I got from the Tate Modern, which is also conveniently near the studio and such a good place to get some creative inspiration!

Jazz Up Your Window Sill or Mantlepiece

Watercolor Postcards

Don’t know about you, but I have a thing for a beautiful postcards. I have collected tonnes over the years and they are great reminder of where you were or who you received it from. Here is a beautiful watercolour card from my friend Bella who painted it whilst living in Paris. So romantic! It makes me smile every time I see it. That’s the beauty about making something and giving it as a gift (or receiving it!) is it?

To display it, I just popped it into a frame in my local charity shop – Crisis. Charity shops are a great place to get vintage/interesting looking frames, whilst also supporting a good cause and shopping more consciously – win win win.

Decoupage (Gin) Bottles

Spot the gin bottle? If you were wondering what to do with all the bottles piling up in lockdown… decoupage is your answer! Decoupage is such a simple and relaxing craft – all you need is glue, pretty napkins (peel them so you only have the top layer), a brush and your glass bottle. Et Voila! They do say wine and art go well together...

Wire Words

I discovered this one during #createsolation inspired by the wire letters in Oliver Bonas. All you need is fairly bendy steel garden wire! To tip: you want to visualise your word in joined up writing so you know how to bend your wire to form all the letters together. This is a great one to do in front of the TV relaxing after work, bending the wire definitely releases some tension!

Something for your Bedroom

Twiggy Wreath

Those looking for some rustic charm – look no more! Here is a twiggy wreath I made for above my bed during createsolation. I wanted something fairly big and also easy to get .

For this I used some dried branches (good excuse to go foraging in the parks), some bendy wire to make the hoop and some floristry wire to tie the twig branches together. I decided to add in some feathers in the wreath to add some colour and to soften it abit, though I wonder if it makes it look more like a birds nest! What do you think?

Macrame Hanging Baskets

To finish off with my newest favourite class – Macrame! I have been looking at the boho chic plant hangers all over pinterest and got very inspired to create these – though I don’t have a spot to hang them yet! All you need is macramé cord, an S hook and some beads. It’s pretty easy to follow and the hanger is fairly strong so can hang a decent sized trailing plant. Here’s a video we made of how to macramé to get you started and you can check out how we did it here.

Hope these provide some inspiration to get you started with your creative home decor! All of these can be done in an evening and are a great way to relax, especially the macrame and lino printing. As well as sprucing up your house, they can also make beautiful gifts for your friends and family (and they might display it in their house too).

Let me know how you get on and as ever if you have any questions (or want to share photos!) just pop me a message on Instagram @myolondon!

Diana x

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