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Get Creative At M.Y.O This Christmas

Christmas creative workshops that will get you feeling very merry


by Georgie Jones

· Christmas Workshops

The festive season seems to begin earlier and earlier each year. Since the start of October, baubles have snuck their way onto supermarket shelves, advent calendars are peeking out from behind the chocolate buttons and if you squint, really squint, you might be able to catch a glimpse of tinsel at the other end of the aisle.

I must admit, I LOVE it. Christmas is undoubtedly my favourite time of year; hot chocolates warming cold hands, the scent of gingerbread and cinnamon, donning big woolly jumpers for long walks to cozy pubs – it all just fills me with joy. And the second I spy a sprig of holly or a novelty napkin, it’s like I’ve been given permission to officially get festive!

So as soon as Halloween is done and dusted (or preferably earlier) I love to make/bake/decorate anything and everything to make my house feel like a lovely little grotto.

That being said, let’s put on some Bublé, grab yourself a glass of something mulled and I’ll tell you the many ways in which you can get creative at M.Y.O this Christmas!


A beautiful wreath is the perfect way to greet your festive visitors!

Whether it's hanging on your door (the envy of all your neighbours) or pride of place inside (just for you) as a general rule, I reckon home made is always better than shop bought.

We’ve got all the greenery and decorations a-plenty; all you need to bring is yourself (and some booze if you fancy it.)

There’ll be pinecones, ribbons, bells, beads and baubles for you to decorate your faux greenery base!! The faux stuff lasts wayyy longer, so if like me, you want to be ready for Christmas in November, these will last you all the way through till January looking just as gorgeous as they did when you first hung them, I mean, there’s nothing less festive than a wilting wreath.


A Christmas tree only becomes a Christmas tree when it’s dripping in lights and glittery things. And it can take a really long time (and quite a lot of money) to buy enough decorations to really make your tree sparkle!

SO...why not learn how to make your own?! Once you’ve got the skills you can make away on a rainy Sunday watching Christmas films and churning out the decorations like an elf in Santa's workshop!

Unfortunately, my house is tiny, and there’s no way, much to my dismay, that I’ll fit a tree in the living room, or anywhere else for that matter!

If you’re in a similar situation, FEAR NOT you can hang decorations from anything and everything with a hold – string them together to make bunting, put them on doors or round a mirror, you can even use them as gift tags!

In these Christmas decoration workshops, you’ll learn how to make your own decorations, from decoupage or felt and embellish them with glitter, beads, ribbons, twine and much much more!

To up the merriment levels a notch come to the M.Y.O Christmas Extravaganza in Peckham Levels where there will be a Christmas creative workshop (making Christmas wreaths or Christmas decorations) followed by a set of merry performances by myself (Just These Please, Roundhouse, Edinburgh Fringe) , Martha Paton and Lord Hicks (Edinburgh Fringe, The Pleasance) - I can't wait to do it and I hope it's going to be one of the best things to do this Christmas in London!


Would Christmas even be Christmas without a novelty jumper?

This is Ru Paul's Drag Race and the category is Christmas Couture!

Pull out that old jumper that's been collecting dust at the back of your wardrobe and style it into your new favourite festive garm!

We've got patterns and paints to get you started then you can embellish to your hearts content with sequins, glitter, beads, ribbon, thread, bells and pom-poms!
You’ll be the envy of all your friends and co-workers and win every Christmas Jumper competition around!


At my house, every year my mum says we’re not having crackers.

So we sit down for Christmas dinner (a meal I look forward to the second I finish my last mouthful that year) and the table looks like there's something missing.

So every year, mum goes and gets the box of crackers she bought, that she knew we’d end up using but put off for as long as possible.

But let’s be honest, whilst the BANG is exciting and it’s brilliant to watch granddad nodding off in a paper crown, the gifts inside are pretty rubbish.

Wouldn't it be great if you could get the festive fest off with a bang AND get a little gift you actually want!

Well, guess absolutely CAN!

At M.Y.O we're hosting workshops in how to make Christmas Crackers along with all the little goodies that come inside them!

Beautifully constructed festive paper tied together with ribbon, encasing paper crowns, a badge, mirror or keyring, and of course your very own a naff joke!

Make Christmas Crackers at M.Y.O

Even though we’re moving further and further from good old fashioned pen and paper - isn’t it lovely to receive something handwritten through the post.
And what better way to spread your festive cheer than with hand made Christmas Cards in our Borough studio on December 10th!
We are absolutely THRILLED to be working with Intaglio Printmaker on this one! This workshop will be led by Zoe Delautre, an artist illustrator and printmaker based in London. Her latest printmaking work featured in summer 2018 at the London Print Studio, and recent illustration work was screened at the Last Word Festival 2018 at the Roundhouse.
To make the most of this workshop, bring a couple of sketches or print outs of a two-colour design, or photo reference to make the most of the time in the workshop. The design should fit a block size of 7.5x7.5 cm or 10x15 cm. We will also provide some festive designs on the day, don't worry!

If the idea of making your own Christmas cards has got you all excited and inspired, then we’ve got a similar treat for you in Peckham Levels with our very own Jamie Temple of Temple Prints!
Using different tools and techniques to carve out your design from a block of lino. You’ll explore shape colour and texture and make your own fabulously festive cards to send to friends or family!

Make Christmas Cards London

Modern Calligraphy - Make Your Own Inspirational Quote and Xmas Gift Tags! - Borough and Peckham Levels

This modern calligraphy for beginners class with the amazing Polly Crossman has been a winner since the start, but we're adding a little Christmas twist to it! You'll not only learn how to write like a pro and make your own framed quote, you'll also be able to make a bunch of Christmas gift tags - making present giving on Christmas morning a little more special. Don't get us started on how nice the cards you write will be after this one too!

To book a place on any of these workshops or any of the non-festive ones, have a little scroll through our website for Christmas workshops in Borough or Peckham.

Hope to see you there!

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