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Creative networking — Being creative together breeds connections

A different way to network for both introverts and extroverts

I bloody hate networking at events and conferences! Do you? Although, I do really like getting to know new people. Sounds odd I know.

I’m the dude awkwardly standing in the corner at an events reception, possibly sweating a little and frantically trying to spot someone that I know for fear of having to say hello to a total stranger — with the possibility that we don’t connect and it gets awkward. Then, what do you do? It’s a little awkward to leave the person on their own then, isn’t it? ‘Need the bathroom’, then you come back and it’s round 2 of the same! Argh.

After the main part of the event is over (e.g. a talk or panel), I’m the dude that will sheepishly leave. Making the travel over and back a bit of a waste of time as the purpose of a networking event is to connect with others and meet some new, interesting people — with a little bit of learning from the talk / panel. I do add people on Linkedin after though, ha!

This was part of the reason M.Y.O was set up, as a social alternative. So much networking is solely based around drinks or food in a big room where you don’t know who anyone is or what they do — brilliant for extroverts, but not so good for introverts like me.

3 Benefits of Creative Networking

1. Being creative together is a brilliant connector and can get rid of the awkwardness, as you have something in common (the creative activity) to help each other on.

2. The focus on the activity  makes you relaxed enough to chat.You don’t have to talk shop, you can just be helpful and encouraging to others.

3. By the end you have all achieved something together and have enjoyed a shared experience - a great way to feel connected to each other

Since setting up M.Y.O we’ve hosted over 10,000 guests from people that book onto public classes, to companies that come for some team building / to de-stress (think Monzo, Expedia, The FT and many more), to groups for celebrations (hen parties, birthdays, stag dos, family reunions, all sorts!). We’ve also hosted creative stations in big retailers, festivals and events. In short, we’ve seen 1,000s connect and get to know strangers whilst being creative together, so decided to set up an event called Creative Lates! The best thing is, everyone is creative, so don’t you worry on that front either.

What is Creative Lates?

It’s our spin on creating and connecting, where you can invite potential or current clients or members of your company down, do some intros so everyone knows who everyone is, have some drinks & nibbles, learn to create something memorable, but ultimately connect, chat and bond with others in a fun and relaxing way. You can bring your own group of 8–20 guests for a private session or book onto a public class up to 8 guests and we can reserve a table for you. It could be themed to a particular topic also, like growth marketing, in the case of the first Creative Lates we hosted.

I’m quite happy to be able to offer a service that allows for less tall, awkward, lanky Irish guys to be hovering in the corner, which also brings some fun and colour into networking and connecting!

Drop us an e-mail on Hello@MYO.Place if you’d like to find out more.


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