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M.Y.O and Life Lessons at the Barbican

Find out about the Life Lessons festival at the Barbican Centre, London on February 15-16th 2020. M.Y.O is an official event partner!

Life lessons at the Barbican February 15-16th

Huge day for M.Y.O and very happy to announce!

We've been confirmed as an OFFICIAL EVENT PARTNER at the 1st Life Lessons weekend at the Barbican Centre. It's London's first thought-led wellbeing event on February 15-16th.

A huge win for little old us to be surrounded by these massive lifestyle, wellness and media companies! The Sunday Times Waterstones Penguin Publishing Group Mollie Makes to name a couple.

The official tag line

Wellbeing isn't about lycra and fad diets. Its aim is not weight-loss for image-sake. Wellbeing is a way of life. It's smart-thinking, sustainable living, community-building and frank-speaking. When well-informed, with an open-mind and with life lessons at our finger-tips, we can all live a happy, healthy and more inspired life.

Welcome to Life Lessons. A weekend of big talks from big thinkers. Where we dare to dream of a better future.

Tell me more about the speakers

Once you get a ticket, you'll be able to listen to world class speakers (70+ speakers!) like Bill Bryson, Richard Dawkins, Ruby Wax, Alain De Botton and Derren Brown, who'll grapple with topics such as philosophy, society, the mind, self-care, sustainability, psychology, nutrition and more, along with lots more wellbeing themed activities.

What else can I do there?

You can also try wellness classes (like yoga with triyoga uk), listen to some comedy, buy books, try delicious food, visit the spa, get some healthy shopping in, try crafting with Yodomo, chat to strangers, get creative with M.Y.O (see below) and most importantly perhaps, listen to some interesting perspectives and think about what wellness means to you!

What is M.Y.O doing there?

M.Y.O ('Make Your Own') will be bringing our creative studio to Life Lessons festival! We'll be in the huge Fountain Room all weekend, hosting drop-in creative activities including; creative hand lettering, bracelet making, vision board, abstract watercolours, 3 inch embroidery hoop art, collective vision board, lino printing prints, lino print board, brush lettering, tassel earrings, canvas, collective finger prints & paint splashing. Will be tonnes of fun in a colourful and inspiring space - we're very excited! Pop down if you're at the festival to explore your creative side. Should be a great weekend and we're really happy to be involved, hope to see you there.

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