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Creative team building with M.Y.O

A quick tour through some of the bespoke creative workshops we have done with great companies and organisations

Creative team building - learn something new whilst stretching your creative muscles, hanging out with teammates and making something memorable (maybe even for your office!). Oh, and you can BYOB and order in / bring food too. Sound appealing? Read on....

At M.Y.O we host tonnes of companies on and off-site for creative sessions with their team / staff members, is always a lot of fun. Here, I'll whizz through some examples of how we have brought brands to life through creativity or provided a nice creative platform for companies. We also do tonnes of straight up creative classes. Let's go!

The Brit School

Team away day

m.y.o and the brit school

The Brit School got in touch about hosting creative classes as part of their away day with 60 of their support team. We were in Peckham Levels at the time, so they rented out a room there to host meetings and we hosted 3 groups of 20 guests throughout the day for some t-shirt design. Check out the images below, was a lot of fun and a great way for the support team to get to know each other better and have some fun together.

"Thank you for your email and for Friday, it really was a great day the staff really loved it and their work is now proudly displayed in our foyer!"

Warner Music

Wellness week creativity and de-stress

As part of their Wellness Week last year in their offices, Warner Music got in touch with us about hosting a creative class, where the Warner Music logo was re-imagined - so that's what we did! We re-worked the logo ourselves as an example, set up the session so that there would be time for guests to do likewise on the day and helped them design mugs with ceramic paints, after which we glazed and kiln fired them. We hope you agree, they looked great! Each staff member now has a mug they can be proud of.

"I just wanted to pass on my massive thanks for helping make last Thursday a big success. We got amazing feedback form people saying it was one of the best events they’ve been to, and the work we received out of it was incredible so major props!" AND "Yes, a massive thank you to all of you from all of us here! The event was stellar and as Chris has mentioned we’ve been receiving nothing but glowing feedback!"

The Big Picture Agency

Re-imagine their logo on tiles for their office!

The Big Picture Agency came to us as wanted to host a team meeting in the studio (it's a colourful, inspiring environment), then get their hands dirty and make something for their office! We settled on re-imagining their company logo on ceramic tiles, with each guest getting to do a tile. We split out their logo into different, tile size images, mixed paints to match the brand colours in advance, showed them some techniques and let the creativity flow! We were mega impressed with the results.

"Awesome, thanks Sam, we had such a good time. It worked out really well, thanks for all your prep​..."

Media Bounty 

Explore their creative side and hang out

creative team building with Media Bounty at M.Y.O

We've hosted Media Bounty a couple times, they're a social media agency with a conscience. Very creative crew too. The first time was for a company social, where we did t-shirt and tote bag design, 2nd time was life drawing - both were a really good laugh and a lovely way to de-stress for everyone.

"... thanks so much for an amazing afternoon. The team can’t stop raving about it! Diana and Charley were wonderful hosts and even the less creative among us discovered talents we never knew we had! Thoroughly enjoyable. Already thinking about what we can do next…"

The Premier Inn 

Re-imagine their company ethos on tiles

We went off-site for this one, where we helped The Premier Inn marketing and brand team re-imagine their company's internal ethos (Do things properly with love). They all spent some time with the creatives from the Premier Inn brand team to think of some ideas, then came to us to replicate the images onto tiles, which we later glazed and kiln fired. They're now proudly on display in their offices.

"Thanks to you both for the most brilliant afternoon. Got a bit misty eyed on the way home thinking of all the smiles and chat around the room. We must do another session and I am going to share your info. We have a huge team and lots of people looking for great team event ideas.

Congrats on your brilliant business and see you soon"

The Law Society

Wellness week creativity and de-stress

We've done the creative element of the wellness week at the Law Society the last 2 years now and it's been great. We've hosted decoupage, creative hand lettering / calligraphy, t-shirt / baby grow design and lino printing over 1.5 hour creative sessions for up to 15 guests at a time.

"I’ve had a quick glance at the general feedback and people loved your sessions – they’d like to do them more often so let’s see how that pans out."

Keen to do something creative with your company or team? Drop us an e-mail on Hello@MYO.Place and / or check out the company page below.

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