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Creative Member Socials

Ideal for your co-working spaces, private members club or residential estates

Creative member socials

We've been lucky enough to be asked to host creative sessions for some great member, residential & co-working / meeting spaces across London. I'll quickly run through some examples and show why being creative together is a unique way for members to connect with each other and feel more at home in your location, whilst also being more immersed in what you do.

The Ned

Private members club members

We've hosted quite a few creative sessions in the Ned, a 5 star hotel and private members club in The City of London. We've done festival headdresses for Notting Hill Carnival and a series of festive creative sessions that ran over the course of a day - Christmas stockings, decorating gingerbread houses and Christmas crackers. Tonnes of members came, got to know each other better and left with a feeling of pride. Check out a couple of the makes below!

Television Centre

Creative sessions with residents

Television Centre is this epic complex of new homes, offices and television studios, surrounded by bars and restaurants. We've been working with the residential part of the Television Centre since the early days and host creative sessions for their members every quarter pretty much, from lino printing to Easter egg cup painting to Christmas decorations. Is a really nice way for the residents to get to know their neighbours, learn something new and get to make something for their new homes, whilst finding out about each other in a relaxed environment.

Hosting residents at television centre for creative sessions

White City Place

Co-working space members

White City Place is one of London's newest business districts in West London and isn't too far from the Television Centre, so we've often hosted creative sessions in both on the same day - logistics, zing! It's quite a fresh space with lots of co-working space in it, so we've been working with them to help their members get to know each other a little better and so they get some creative chill out time on a busy day. Similar to above, we've done Easter egg cup painting, lino printing and Monther's Day card making there recently with their members, was great fun! Both locations get members to sign up in advance and there is often a waiting list as the classes have been so popular.

Creative member social at co-working space White City Place


Hosting potential clients

Back in the early days of M.Y.O we partnered with Breather (lovely meeting spaces for hire) to host creative sessions with Miss Jones PA (a membership based network of EAs and PAs from great companies across London) members, as a way to show them what Breather was all about, in a fun, relaxing and creative way. We did life drawing, decoupage and tile painting in various meeting spaces for them across London. (a B2B food catering platform) also provided food on the day to the PAs and EAs, as there was potential for their companies to use them in the future - the food was delicious! Each session lasted about 1.5 hours and included an intro from Breather and Feedr, followed by the creative sessions ran by M.Y.O.

Hosting creative sessions with members of miss jones pa in partnership with Breather
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