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M.Y.O Creative Newsletter - late May

Hello Hello
We love you Sam, you're such a colourful, creative soul :).

Here's some quick updates.
Have a magic week.

What We've Been Up To The Last 4 Weeks

We've had hen parties coming out of our ears this month and loads of company team building days and creative birthdays, as well as a full roster of 14+ creative classes running regularly. The studio was also used for filming twice and we kicked off our 'career hustle' day with members of the M.Y.O team, to support then on their non-M.Y.O creative careers - they are all mega talented.

As always, big thanks to the M.Y.O Team for being so great, to our guests for coming to get creative with us and to all of you for spreading the M.Y.O word.

Welcome Kirsty Boswell!
Our new General Manager - woop woop

Kirsty Boswell, M.Y.O's new General Manager

*Obligatory contract signing photo - always wanted to do one*
Diana and I are very happy to welcome Kirsty to the M.Y.O team. She's been a crafter for years and is experienced in marketing, internal comms and PR. She'll be starting in early July as our General Manager, helping out with the studio, marketing, class hosting and everything else! With Christmas (sorry!) not that far around the corner, we're delighted to have her on board to help take us to the NEXT LEVEL and to make the most of the rest of the year and beyond.


Find out a little more about her in the blog below, we can't wait for you to meet her.

Creative Classes at M.Y.O with BYOB

The Peckham Levels Story

As you may know, we finished our residency in Peckham Levels at end of April. We've had some time to reflect on what it was like to design, fit out and run creative classes in a new space. Lots learned and a lot of fun creative time.

M.Y.O @ Peckham Levels

So, what is M.Y.O?
"Make Your Own"

London's only Art Gym for your creative muscles!
We host creative classes for adults with BYOB.
Relax, learn, make with your hands. Because creativity matters.

To read about EVERYTHING that we do, check out the blog here.

Have a fantastic week,
Sam & Diana
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