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Meet the Creatives - Kirsty Boswell!

Kirsty is our new General Manager, read on to find out some more!

1. So, tell us a little about you

I’m Kirsty, the new General Manager for M.Y.O. I’m an overwhelming optimist with a strong penchant for musicals, skiing and houmous (and of course arts & crafts!).

2. What’s your story? Tell us a little about your background and what you do.

I grew up in Redditch, a town just south of Birmingham. I went to art college after finishing high school and then went on to study Product Design at university, so I’ve always wanted to work in a creative field. After uni, I decided to do a year working abroad and ending up finding my way into the travel industry where I worked in marketing, PR and internal comms for about 5 years. Now I’m excited to take all that experience and bring it to M.Y.O to help on all the exciting projects they have planned.

3. What artist or artwork inspired you the most growing up

I’ve always loved sculpture and installation art. At college I went to visit James Turrell’s Skyspace in Yorkshire and it gave me a completely new appreciation of what art is. It’s not about photorealistic drawings or meticulous detail. It’s about making people feel things. I still remember the way that piece made me feel.

I also loved (and still love) the boldness and humour of Banksy and Damien Hirst. Art that has a political message usually stays with me.

4. What artist most inspires you now?

I was blown away by Courtney Mattison’s ceramic coral reef last year. Such beautiful work and with an important message.

5. What do you create for fun

I love making things for other people. I recently made a quiet book for a friend’s baby which was a lot of fun. I also been doing a lot of macramé hangings and calligraphy recently. For me, it’s a time to get mindful and it’s become an important part of my self-care.

6. What piece of work are you most proud of? Why?

I made this macramé hanging on my second attempt at macramé ever! It now hangs proudly on my bedroom wall.

7. Do you think people are just born creative or is it something everyone has, but many don’t explore?

Everyone has creativity in them. Maybe some people don’t believe they do because they don’t like drawing or painting, but creativity is in almost everything we do. Problem solving, cooking, gardening, fashion, music all require creativity. And if you practise being creative in one area, you can transfer that way of thinking into all parts of your life. It's magic!

8. What’s your favourite colour? Why

Blue. It makes me feel calm. Maybe it’s the association with the sea and the sky....

9. What’s your favourite album to listen to whilst you create and why

I’m a big John Mayer fan. Continuum is a nice chilled album to work to.

10. If you were stuck on a desert island and had to bring 3 items with you to create with, what would you bring!?

A knife to carve things with. Some glue (always handy). And sequins! If I’m going to be living the cast away life I may as well look fabulous while I do!

11. If you could give advice to yourself growing up, with the benefit of hindsight, what would it be?

It’s ok to ask for help. I’ve always been fiercely independent, and I used to see it as a weakness to rely on others. I’ve learnt that things are usually much better and easier if you share the load!

12. What / who made you decide to become a professional creative, rather than doing it as a hobby?

We spend so much of our lives at work, so it was important to me to do something I really care about. I believe so much in what M.Y.O stands for - the want to provide a creative outlet to the World. Taking time out to flex your creative muscles is good for your mental health and your confidence.

13. What makes you most happy?

Spending time with people I love and getting creative of course!

14. What’s next for you? What you would like to be doing in 12 months?

I’m super excited to get stuck in at M.Y.O and help shape and grow the business with Sam and Diana. The next 12 months are going to be awesome – watch this space!

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