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Meet The Creator - Jeremy Fritzhand, Studio Bagru

Jeremy set up Studio Bagru, a traditional block printing studio in Bagru, India

1. So, tell us a little about you.

I grew up traveling the world with my parents; by the age of 18, I had already visited over 56 countries. After college in New York I moved to Bagru, India in 2010 to encourage grass roots entrepreneurship within the block printing industry. Over the past decade I’ve helped to successfully launch dozens of businesses throughout this industry from fashion, branding, sourcing, and logistics.

Jeremy Fritzhand founder of traditional indian block printing studio studio Bagru

2. What’s your story? Tell us a little about your background and what you do.

I'm currently the managing director and block printer in chief at studio Bagru. My main focuses are promoting the craft of block printing and encouraging grass roots entrepreneurship . Artisans in Bagru have been hand-block printing for over 350 years. Bagru is a small Indian town located thirty kilometers outside of Jaipur – the capital of Rajasthan. While many Rajasthani villages have turned to screen-printing as an alternative to block printing, Bagru has remained loyal to its history, culture, and craftsmanship. This makes it one of the last existing hubs for this niche process. We have strong relationships with our partners in Bagru and the surrounding Jaipur areas. With our headquarters located centrally in Jaipur, we’re able to personally oversee production and manage the needs of our clients.

3. What artist or artwork inspired you the most growing up?

When I was growing up, my parents collected textiles from all over the world. Some of my favourites are from west Africa and Southeast Asia. Mixtures or woven and printed textiles are my current favourite as well as being heavily inspired by nature and architecture.

4. What artist are most inspires you now?

Imprinted Story by Petra Valentova.

5. What do you create mostly for work and what do you create mostly for fun?

I'm very lucky in that I don't see a difference between creating for work and creating for fun! All of my creations are made to express a current inspiration or feeling.

Traditional Indian Block Printing onto wood

6. What piece of work are you most proud of? Why? [Include picture if possible]

I codesigned a jacket with women artisans in Bagru and Petra Valentina. It is a motif of a human hand with henna (temporary tattoo) .

7. Do you think people are just born creative or is it something everyone has, but many don’t explore?

I think everyone has creativity, we must explore our interests in order for this creativity to manifest regularly.

8. What’s your favourite colour? Why?

I never met a color I didn’t like .

9. What’s your favourite album to listen to whilst you create and why?

Satori, days without you crussen remix

De kunstenaar 4:44 burningman 2018

10. If you were stuck on a desert island and had to bring 3 items with you to create with, what would you bring!

Carving tools, textile loom, pot for boiling.

Examples of traditional indian block prints

11. If you could give advice to yourself growing up, with the benefit of hindsight, what would it be?

Pursue more experiential learning.

12. What / who made you decide to become a professional creative, rather than doing it as a hobby?

Listening to my intuition I moved to Bagru to work with block printing artisans. After taking that first leap of faith, it's unfolded naturally.

13. What makes you most happy?

Music, running, the joy of India and working with incredible artisans and my fiance Nirmali.

14. What’s next for you? What you would like to be doing in 12 months?

We've just moved to a new studio space in Jaipur which is taking up a lot of my time. Next stop will be opening a shop outside of India.

Someone getting creative in the studio bagru studio

15. Is there anything exciting coming up that you would like to let people know about?

Our workshops in London over July, starting with one at M.Y.O on Monday July 8th, tickets here, I can't wait to meet you, share all about Traditional Indian Block Printing and most importantly, get creative!

What you make at the traditional indian block printing workshop

16. Where can people find out more about what you are up to?

Happy group following creative traditional indian block printing workshop
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