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Where to eat near London Bridge

Places to get some grub after a crafty session at M.Y.O

People standing chatting in Flat Iron Square

Flat Iron Square

If you’ve got an indecisive group of mates who can’t all agree on where to go - Flat Iron Square is your saviour. The street food market caters for everyone, we’re talking pad thai, fried chicken, ramen, fancy salad, fresh pasta, stone-baked pizza, burgers etc, etc. You can’t go wrong.
Distance from M.Y.O - 3-minute walk

Food counter at Vapiano bankside


When you’re eating out as a big group it’s always a pain when it comes to splitting bill. But fear not, Vapiano has got you covered. You are each given a chipped card each on arrival, which you use to order your drinks and food. The card registers everything you order and you simply pay on the way out, meaning everyone pays for what they order, and you avoid the awkward moment when the last person to pay ends up paying extra! Handmade pasta, freshly baked pizza and antipasti galore, you won’t be disappointed at Vapiano

Distance from M.Y.O - 5-minute walk

The front of Tas restaurant


If you’re in the mood for some delicious Turkish delights, check out Tas. They’ve got everything you expect from a good Turkish restaurant: houmous, meze, kebabs as well as traditional stews and moussaka. Of course, lamb features pretty heavily but there’s also plenty of choice for veggies.
Distance from M.Y.O - 3-minute walk

Person sat behind aplate of meat and vegetables, holding knife and fork


Seasonal food with zero-waste, Native is real food for the soul. It’s on the pricier end and you’ll certainly have to book, but it’s a great way to top off date night. As the food is seasonal and locally sourced, it is subject to change last-minute, so make sure you flag if you have any aversions, for example, wild boar.
Distance from M.Y.O - 3-minute walk

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